Economic barriers thwart training for construction careers: Report

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Caleb Pierson looks over a cabinet project he designed for Heartwood Manufacturing. Pierson is a graduate of a program run through Batesville High School, that helps high school students get manufacturing skills while still in high school. (Image: Indiana Public Radio)

Indiana Public Radio reports that the state has open manufacturing and construction jobs, but not enough workers with the training to fill them, largely because of financial barriers that make it hard for individuals to access the training.

The Indiana Institute for Working Families released a new report this month on some of the biggest challenges for people who want to go back to school to earn credentials, the report says, quoting Andrew Bradley, the institute’s senior policy analyst.

The Indiana Institute for Working Families report

Bradley says more than a million jobs will open in the next decade that require specific training, especially in construction and manufacturing.

“In the old days you might be able to get by with a high school diploma and a strong back,” Bradley says. “Now it’s going to take additional education and training.”

Bradley’s report finds the most common barriers for people who want to enroll in training programs are: tuition costs, childcare costs, access to transportation and Internet access.

It also reports some state and federal funding to help potential students with food security and transportation is not currently used.



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