Uniquely Indiana: A special edition dedicated to architecture, sustainable design and quality craftsmanship


    Indiana Construction News is preparing a special edition: Uniquely Indiana: A special edition dedicated to architecture, sustainable design and quality craftsmanship.

    Associate publisher Tim Lawlor has outlined the participation qualifications.

    “Some projects that stand out from the crowd, where design, creativity and resourcefulness set a new standard,” he said. “Not every design, technology or structure qualifies; think of the top 20 per cent in any aspect, and you’ll be confident your story is truly worth sharing,” he says.

    To participate, select one or two recent projects from your portfolio, which you think describes your most exciting work. A good guideline would be projects where you think you could win a relevant industry recognition award (or have entered or recently won the award.)

    “We will work with you to create an outstanding profile on your firm/company in which we will showcase your projects,” he said. “Best of all, we do all the work.”

    You simply provide us with some background and a few high quality images and we will assign a writer, interview you and then write the draft profile, which will be sent to you for review, revisions, corrections and final approval. Then we will lay out the feature, including, images, your article, logos and graphics and send the draft layout to your for final approval as well.

    “We’ll profile each project/design in the Indiana Construction News and frame your individual project in the context of an overview feature to make it look even better – and you can adapt the published result for your own website, fact sheets and marketing materials to ensure enduring value,” Lawlor said in a promotional document. “You’ll be able to review everything before it is published to ensure it reflects well on your business and team.”

    For more information, email Lawlor at tlawlor@indianaconstructionnews.com.

    You can also immediately download general Indiana Construction News rates and information here.


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