80-year-old note brings back construction workers’ memories at Albany bridge site

Note found at the Water Street Bridge in Albany from 1939.

Workers who placed a note at an Albany construction site in 1939 had their wishes fulfilled when the town posted the message on Facebook on Aug. 17.

Jimmy Williams was working with another construction crew on the Water Street Bridge site when he found the note including a list of names and a date: May 16, 1939, WTHR-TV reported.

“I was picking up trash for the job and carried it to the trash and I opened it up and noticed it was some writing,” said Williams. “It was the list of the carpenters and the laborers and everybody that had been on it,” said Williams.

He said the list had initially been tucked into a bottle and encased in a concrete pillar on the bridge, apparently made by the original crew who constructed the bridge, the television station reported.

There was a request on the note: Should this list at a later date be found please publish in the Albany and Muncie newspapers.

The town’s deputy treasurer took a slightly different and more updated approach; she posted it on Facebook.

“If any of these workers were from your family, and you have a picture of them, please send it to townofalbany@albanyin.com,” Joyce Hamilton wrote in the post.

And indeed several individuals have responded, noting their grandparents and great grandparents’ names were there.


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