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Recessed lighting is an invaluable tool for designers and contractors who want to use lighting to emphasize artwork or architecture, create visual separations between divergent areas, and make a room more beautiful.

Traditional recessed lighting, though, creates its own challenges – the light’s housing (the bulk of the light that sits behind the display surface) can be very large, meaning the lights have to be placed where they can fit, not always where they’re most useful. Trying to space lights for optimal use and overall visual appeal can be tricky when negotiating insulation, support beams, joists, and other restrictions.

These challenges can be particularly problematic where placement of lights is crucial – like in the soffit around the outside of a house, or in the kitchen where very specific areas need lighting.

In finished basements, recessed lights can up so much space that drop ceilings have to be hung lower to accommodate the housing, and that can affect the entire room’s overhead space. Top floor installations with traditional recessed lights require climbing around in attics and placing the lights from there, making the task especially challenging.
Mechanical engineer Georgi Georgiev saw the problems caused by recessed lighting systems. He knew he could do better. He looked for a solution and came up with Lotus Lights, the original Slimline recessed LED lighting solution.

Slimline lights can fit inside ½ inch drywall depth. Dropped ceiling installations require only 2 inches of clearance space in contrast to some recessed lighting systems which require from 6 to 12 inches of clearance. This tiny profile allows installation to fit in almost anywhere in a room, opening up the design opportunities for light placements, while the lightweight design means they stay in place no matter what material they’re clipped into.

In addition to Lotus’ slim profile, easy installation sets the company’s products apart. Installations can be done from underneath, saving hassle and time, and small, flexible wires make placement a snap.

The two features have made Lotus a favourite name among industry professionals, including on the hit show “This Old House,” a home-improvement series for DIYers. One episode featured the lights being installed in the soffit above garage doors in minutes, improving both the look and practicality of the outdoor lighting on the home.

Since Lotus’ inception nine years ago, Georgi has grown the British Columbia-based, family run business across North America. Now Lotus is a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting products. The company retains its Canadian roots, with design and development of new products still taking place in Vancouver.

Lotus has grown its product list to be include apertures in sizes from 2 to 10 inch models, and is available in a variety of finishes, including white, black, brushed nickel, and copper, Lotus provide many helpful accessories finishing projects, like frame kits, goof rings and extension cables.

Lotus’ innovation continues, with the most recent patent being issued in July, 2018, for an Air-tight Gimbal fixture without housing. The company also introduced a new, 10 inch round commercial recessed light last fall.

Lotus focuses on smart products and good customer service. For example, industry-leading 10-year residential warranties back up Lotus’ fixtures, an insurance policy on the quality of the product.

All of Lotus lights have been designed to be wet-proof, meaning they can be used indoors or outside. Many models are also Air Tight rated, so they won’t leak your warm air outside during cold winter months. Lotus fixtures are also IC (insulation contact) rated without additional housing. That means lights can go on top floors without a vapour boot, and right up to insulation, and still pass inspection. The lights can go almost anywhere.

The overall look of Lotus lights is without parallel. The sleek design of the lights lends a modern air, and the LED lights are available in a variety of colour tones to strike the perfect balance between brightness and warmth. Recessed lighting can modernize a kitchen or create a cinematic experience in a home theatre, products are available to compliment both retrofit projects and new builds.

Lotus doesn’t sell fixtures direct to customers, but the products are available widely across Canada and the United States at electric supply wholesalers.

For more information, contact Lotus or one of the regional distributors serving your area: You can learn more at https://www.lotusledlights.com.

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