SCS Energy breaks ground on RNG plant in Indianapolis

Courtesy of SCS Energy

SCS Energy has recently broken ground on a 4,000 standard cubic feet per minute landfill gas to renewable natural gas plant in Indianapolis.

Indy High Btu awarded an engineer, procure and construct agreement to SCS Energy to build the RNG plant. Indy High Btu is jointly owned by Kinetrex Energy, Southside Landfill, and EDL Energy.

The RNG plant employs an iron redox scrubber for hydrogen sulfide removal, membranes for carbon dioxide removal and pressure swing adsorption for nitrogen removal.

Kinetrex intends to convert the RNG into LNG. RNG from the plant will fuel trucks replacing nearly 8 million gallons of diesel a year. RNG is less expensive than diesel and significantly reduces the emission of methane and other greenhouse gases.

The plant is on schedule to achieve commercial operation in February 2020.


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