Indiana airports to get $21.2 million infrastructure grants from FAA


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced $21.2 million in airport infrastructure grants for the Indiana airports.

The following airports will receive grants:

– $89,550 to Anderson Municipal/Darlington Field to update the Airport Master Plan Study.

– $296,000 to Tri-State Steuben County to remove obstructions.

– $1.98 million to Evansville Regional to rehabilitate a taxiway and improve the terminal building.

– $2.78 million to Fort Wayne International to reconstruct an apron.

– $587,628 to Gary/Chicago International to rehabilitate a taxiway.

– $118,513 to Indy South Greenwood to conduct an environmental study.

– $6.93 million to Huntingburg to extend a runway.

– $300,000 to Indianapolis International to conduct a miscellaneous study.

– $2.09 million to Indianapolis International to build a taxiway.

– $83,700 to Kokomo Municipal to rehabilitate a runway.

– $220,320 to White County to extend a runway.

– $527,583 to Jasper County to buy land for approaches.

– $2.87 million to South Bend International to rebuild a taxiway and conduct an airport master plan study.

– $855,000 to Terre Haute Regional to build a taxiway.

– $1.45 million to Indianapolis Executive to extend a runway.

In total, the FAA will award grants to 354 airports in 44 states and two territories Micronesia and Puerto Rico. Selected projects include runway reconstruction and rehabilitation, construction of firefighting facilities, and the maintenance of taxiways, aprons, and terminals.


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