Smithville begins fiber construction project in Ellettsville


Smithville started a new fiber expansion project for Ellettsville residents on Hartstrait Rd.

The company’s CEO Darby McCarty called it “a major milestone in bringing high-speed fiber to Ellettsville, a long-time goal of our company.”

The project will create fiber-to-the-home capacity for more than 100 residents south of Ellettsville. It will complete the full deployment of Smithville fiber to the Ellettsville area, which began in May 2017.

Initial project locations included southwest Ellettsville, expanding to include Thomas/Reeves Rd., Ellettsville North, Downtown Ellettsville and Edgewood. The project includes homes that have been served by legacy copper-based technology for several years.

The project is expected to be completed by October 2020.


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