Fort Wayne investing $24 million in neighborhood improvements

Fort Wayne / Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Fort Wayne / Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announced that $24 million will be invested to improve streets, roads, alleys, sidewalks and trails.

Projects will focus on arterial connections between neighborhoods, neighborhood street, alley, curb and sidewalk repair, and trail connections.

The improvements in more than 100 neighborhoods will include paving, concrete street reconstruction, bridge replacements, sidewalk repair, and additional sidewalks and trails.

Here are some projects:

  • Arterial projects will take place on Hobson Rd. (Coliseum to Stellhorn), Goshen Ave., and Maplecrest Rd.
  • Concrete repairs will take place in the neighborhoods of Glenwood Park, Tanbark Trails, Pine Valley (phase ll), Springwood-Orchard Woods (phase l), Fallen Timbers Aspen Village and Greater McMillen Park (phase lll).
  • 25 miles of paving will take place on streets such as Burns Boulevard, Ardmore Ave., Kinnaird St., Pettit Ave., Dartmouth Drive, Executive Drive and Webster St.
  • Bridge repairs will continue on East State Boulevard over the BullermanDrain, while construction will begin on the Van Buren Street Bridge and design work will begin on the Bluffton Road Bridge.
  • Alley resurfacing will take place in the neighborhoods of Pettit-Rudisill, Spy Run, West Central and Hoagland-Masterson.
  • The nearly two-mile-long Beckett’s Run Trail will be built this year, along with a trail connection from St. Joe Center to Wheelock Rd.
  • New sidewalks will connect walkers along Carew St., Tillman Rd., Hessen Cassel Rd. and Washington Center Rd.
  • Sidewalk repairs will occur in neighborhoods like Oxford, Chandlers Landing, New Glenwood, Monarch Park, Mount Vernon Park, Covington Reserve, Avalon, Abbey Place and the Anthony Wayne Community.
  • New ADA curb ramps will be installed in several neighborhoods including TartansGlen, Woodland Lakes, Valley Park Forest, Nebraska, Kern Valley, Fairfield Terrace/Belmont and Eastside Community.

    The Public Works Division will manage the projects.


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