This is simply not identified why the latest Akkadians called the southern residential property Shumeru


This is simply not identified why the latest Akkadians called the southern residential property Shumeru

The brand new Sumerians entitled it ki-en-gir15 (literally, ‘place of the humane lords’). It could possibly end up being a good dialectal enunciation of your Sumerian keyword kiengir. That it possibility is recommended by the Emesal dialect function ‘dimmer’ to have the phrase ‘dingir’.

We had written so you’re able to Dr. Postgate, >>Do you write-in their book Early Mesopotamia: People and you may Benefit on >> Start of history you to definitely ki-en-gi setting ‘land of your own Sumerian tongue’? In that case, >>would be the fact as you think that eme, ‘tongue; language’ became en, ‘dignitary; >>lord; ancestor (statue); large priest’, due to singing consumption?

The guy answered with a keen affirmative, >Admittedly Sumerologists have not gone far for consonantal absorption, >however, heading away from emegir so you’re able to engir cannot see too far fetched, therefore shows you >as to the reasons this has -r as the a last consonant. Aage Westenholz including ideal a similar >etymology alone. What’s more, it is alright considering the combos for example ki-unug >”Warka belongings” which happen to be plus not genitival syntagms. They however seems to me an >less expensive provider.

It seems you are able to. It turns out there exists few cases of ki-en-gi-ra2 which are translated once the a free of charge-status genitival syntagm how does naughtydate work – We simply pick a couple of about Winnings out of Utu-Hengal, ETCSL transliteration : c.dos.1.6.

I’d just never heard it otherwise regarded they until recently

For folks who evaluate my authored lexicon’s suggested reinterpretation away from saj-ji6[gig2]-ga since the which have to begin with designed ‘native persons’, rather than the exact meaning of ‘the black-headed’, you will notice that I am available to consonantal assimilation gradually modifying terms and conditions that have been following reinterpreted regarding the popular knowledge and you may writing.

To which, Dr. Postgate responded, >Well in reality In my opinion even both those days will be drawn because the locatives: >just like the suggested from the bi2- prefix in-line 2, by the new ETCSL interpretation >(“inside the Sumer”) in-line 21. > >Create by all means cite myself, I’m however proud of they.

>I became watching Buffy this new Vampire Slayer on television and additionally they said something >from inside the Sumerian. I desired to understand what they said so i jumped to the net so you can >see what I can come across.

Brand new etymology of the Akkadian name was not familiar

>I found anyone else who was simply looking for just what it designed and i discovered >the dictionary web site. I checked during your website, but was not as well profitable since the >We have zero experience with what after all. I happened to be hoping you might be ready >in order to translate it in my situation.

>Si-mu-ud = Mars ‘dark or bloody horns/rays’ is the probable translation, however, unlike the rest, I really don’t bear in mind indeed viewing that it term made use of. Can you let me know where which title occurs?

>Mul-sag-me-gar = Jupiter sag-me personally = mesu II = ‘cult, rites’ and you may gar = ‘to establish’, however it is always authored Droop-ME-GAR to show that people are not familiar with the latest pronunciation, because has also been an excellent logogram getting Neberu, and therefore phone calls in your thoughts Nippur, the Sumerian’s cult heart.

>Of those ‘gu-ud’ technique of movement ‘gu4-ud’ (=bull regarding sunlight) and you will ‘sag-us’ was >of course ‘sag-us2’ (=steady superstar), ‘mul’ try ‘star’ however, I don’t know concerning others. >Would you become thus form on point out a proper leaving of your five words?

udu-idim are ‘wild sheep’. I’ve no textual shine or genuine research the signs were peruse this method, in lieu of udu-crappy, hence, definition ‘dead sheep’, would reference the new globes due to the fact omens, however, Benno Landsberger with his extensive experience in Sumerian deduced that here is the very possible discovering.

On almost every other significance out of gu4-ud I would personally infer that Sumerians on their own realized the world Mercury, and that i might have seen nin-si4-an-na in the an effective Sumerian textual context, nevertheless the most other brands only occur in later on contexts, so i do not know how very early these people were created and you will used.


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