Gov. Holcomb signs 2020 Indiana Residential Building Code


Homes built in Indiana under the new 2020 Indiana Residential Code will not only be safer for residents, but also firefighting personnel, according to Shad Paul, incoming president of the Indiana Association of Building Officials (IABO).

The new building code, signed by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on November 26th, is based on the 2018 ICC International Residential Code along with Indiana amendments features substantial safety upgrades.

“One of the requirements reduces the threat of injury from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning through the requirement for installed alarms designed to detect levels of the gas well below levels that threaten health,” says Craig Wagner, IABO Board of Directors and Code Committee member. IABO’s Code Committee members worked diligently with Indiana Builders Association, builders, architects, fire services and others to bring this new updated code to Indiana.

Other key changes include:

  • A requirement that basements have an escape and rescue opening, making basements safer for residents and firefighting personnel.
  • A more robust garage separation
  • Up-to-date seismic design categories
  • New solar installation information

IABO’s education training events in 2020 will cover the 2018 International Residential Code along with the Indiana Amendments. Education classes will be taught by International Code Council (ICC) instructors and they will implement all Indiana amendments into the classes.

“The new codes are effective December 26, 2019,” says Wagner, “and we are excited to introduce the various building measures that will increase residential safety and protect families’ investments in Indiana.”

Education opportunities and additional information regarding the new code and local district directors can be found online at and social media: IABOforaSaferIN.


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