8-5 vs. 6-10: Professionalism and impact during and after business hours

Sophie at Gaylor Electric
Sophie at Gaylor Electric

By Sophia Strain

My 8-5 vs my 6-10.

Both professional.

Both impactful.

I often get the question, “how do you balance both working full-time and being a professional cheerleader?”

sophie strain
Sophia as a Colts cheerleader

My answer is: you make time for what you WANT. If you want something bad enough, that is where you will spend most of your time. Making sacrifices in other areas of my own life is necessary to balance the workload of a job, as well as memorize routines, make commitments to appearances, and increase my athletic and dancing ability.

My question for you is: where are you spending your time? If you want to accomplish something outside of work, time isn’t the issue. It’s where YOU are spending the time.

Go be great!!

Sophia Strain is (by day) marketing coordinator and graphic designer at Gaylor Electric Ltd. In the evening and weekends she is a cheerleader for the NFL Indianapolis Colts.


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